Why you are lonely & what to do about it.


Has someone or many someones hurt you and you moved towards isolation as safety? Did this begin as a way to protect yourself?

Do you feel disconnected and often disappointed in yourself? Does too much time in your own company feel isolating and you crave relief? 

Do you compare yourself to others and believe that other people are happier and more fulfilled than you are?

Do you have a deep fear of rejection and avoid circumstances that may result in being excluded or made to feel wrong?

Is your relationship or connection to God or a higher power minimal to none?

Do you feel that what you do is inconsequential to others or that you are insignificant?

Do you so badly want to have more deep and meaningful relationships but you just don't know how?

Are you tired of feeling this way?

Do you feel ready to work through these feelings and live a more fulfilled and connected life? 

I've been where you are right this moment. 

There is no better time than now to take this next step towards inner peace. 

I am a certified NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and NVC (non-violent communication) coach and in a graduate marriage and family counseling program at CCU in Colorado. My passion, and personal experiences coupled with my formal education have allowed me to help others just like you. 

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

-Lao Tzu

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